Wandering Gallery

I am working on a wandering gallery to show and share findings from my recent 7 day walk through County Clare. More about dates, times and venues to find me and the gallery will be announced in the coming days.


Meet me in County Limerick this week

artwalz will be on a durational walk this week from Friday to Sunday. I am planning to walk County Limerick, starting in Limerick City this Friday and walking towards Foynes direction.

So if anybody wants to meet and talk or exchange ideas, please find me on the road or in your town. I will be experimenting with social media this time but will not be consistently contactable.

Email me at artwalzinternational@gmail.com or just meet me by chance.

route artwalz 2

Walking about Limerick

At the weekend artwalz met Alternative Route, a socially engaged art project by Mike Cleary, which is concerned with looking at tactics to overcome obstacles/fences in public space and at ways people choose a different routes to the established or suggested ones. They are called desire paths and can be seen everywhere….. 13932692_1229192927115196_8915852328255499593_n

7 Day Walk County Clare

It has been a pleasure to walk through County Clare.

7 days, on foot, on the road and under artwalz rules, no payment for transport, accommodation and no hitch hiking….

People I met along the way have been so very generous. I have met many of you, you have let me stay at your home, you gave me lifts to places, shared stories about the landscape, art and many aspects of your lifes.

Whilst walking, I have also collected things that I found or were given to me and with this an investigative collection has been created.

I am hoping to share my insights with you some time in the near future.

The how of the sharing will be revealed soon on this page….


First blog post

Following our residency at the Guesthouse Cork and the very first public ARTWALZ workshop, my first durational ARTWALZ walk is about to start very soon….ARTWALZ will officially start on the 4th of July 2016 in the West of Ireland.

Check this space for updates and announcements of locations and happenings.